Brightly, Cheerfully, and Positively with keeping strong will

Management Philosophy:

To contribute to the prosperity of the society by providing high-value products from our customers’ point of view.

Quality Policy:

To manufacture and sell electronic instruments and mechatronics products for instrument clusters, consumer products, and displays. The company executes the following policy to establish the best quality and technology in the industry. Based on the quality first concept the company meets customer needs in all fields of product planning, design, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.

  1. To achieve customer satisfaction, NSI analyzes and evaluates that products meet the requirements of law and regulation and that NSI products satisfy the customer expectations.
  2. To establish competitive Q (quality), D (Delivery), C (Cost) & D (Development).
  3. To achieve the quality policy & establish quality targets.
  4. To achieve these above matters, establish the QMS, and improve it continually.

Course of action:

  1. To strengthen quality constitution - analyzes the causes of a problem correctly and understands true constitutional cause to take measures; anticipates the possibility of a problem to predict & prevent it.
  2. Five actualisms: 1) CHECK the ACTUAL THING and 2) ACTUAL FACT at the 3) ACTUAL SITE with data analysis and acts quickly based on the 4) ACTUAL PRINCIPLE (method) and 5) ACTUAL RULE (specification, requirement) to settle a problem
  3. PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) and improvement activity - turn the PDCA cycle in all work accurately, improve the actual state at all times and eliminate unreasonable, wasteful and inconsistent things.
  4. Full participation - all employees in all depts. participate in TQM activities, standardize, and compile work in a manual to improve quality and efficiency.

Quality Departments:

Customer Quality:

The Customer Quality Department at NSI has the responsibility of being the main customer interface for all Quality related matters for NSI. Key functions for this department include:

  • Coordinate Customer Launch Support
  • Provide Technical Launch Support
  • Coordinate and Conduct Sorting and/or Reflash Activities
  • Champion Plant Liaison Management
  • Prepare and Maintain Testing Equipment
  • Assist with Failure Analysis at Customer Location

Supplier Quality:

The Supplier Quality Department at NSI has the responsibility of developing and managing critical suppliers in North America as well as provide assistance to NSHQ for suppliers located outside of North America. Key functions for this department include:

  • Conducts Supplier Audits including Launch Readiness Assessments
  • Monitors Supplier Program Launch Status
  • Drives Supplier Failure Analysis Resolution
  • Works with Purchasing to Evaluate Potential New Suppliers
  • Monitors and Tracks Key Supplier Metrics (PPMs, open 8Ds, etc.)


Warranty Program Management – Main Functions:

  • Management of customer programs performance in warranty.
  • Monitor customer metrics for warranty against targets.
  • Determine potential impact or trends to warranty based on 0KM failures, early field failure, engineering changes.
  • Customer interface for warranty performance and returns from receipt to closure.

Warranty Data Analysis – Main Functions:

  • Dealer Claim: Analysis of repair conducted by dealership and vehicle repair history.
  • Warranty Trends: Analysis of emerging and program overall trends.
  • Assist Warranty Engineers vehicle side testing.

Failure Analysis – Main Functions:

  • Conduct analysis of warranty returns to confirm failure and determine cause.