N.S. International, Ltd., purchasing mission statement

At N.S. International, the Supply Chain department is critical to the overall success of the organization and our customers.

Our goal is to:

  • Provide superior customer satisfaction by ensuring 100% on-time delivery to our customer base
  • Effectively managing the delivery of our products through coordination of key Supply Chain activities such as ordering, scheduling and logistics management
  • Provide great customer relationship management by being the main source of contact for our customers when it comes to communicating real-time up to date information

This is accomplished through the development of a strong customer relationship and the cross-functional approach that includes managing the movement of materials into the organization and the movement of finished goods out to the customers.

N.S. International, Ltd., diversity mission statement

N.S. International is committed to creating and providing opportunities to a diverse supplier base that reflects the people and communities where we do business.

N.S. International, Ltd., diversity vision statement

N.S. International is a global leader of Instrument Clusters and Head-Up-Displays systems in the automotive industry. To achieve our vision we understand that as a company it is essential to create an environment that exemplifies the importance of diversity in all aspects of our business and Supply Chain practices.

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